Benjamin Aerts has transformed a passion for clothes from a hobby into a thriving career in fashion, establishing themselves as an exceptional stylist. Based in Amsterdam, Benjamin is renowned for their distinctive approach to styling, drawing inspiration from historical costumes, fairy tales, and a deep-seated love for the art of dressing up. They see styling as a genuine art form, delighting in the creative process of “playing dress up” with individuals, objects, and scenarios, allowing their imagination to soar. At the forefront of creativity and fashion in Amsterdam, Benjamin continuously pushes boundaries, exploring new horizons with each stylistic endeavor. Their work is infused with a passion for storytelling through fashion.


Clients include: Ace and Tate – Adidas – ELLE – Fantastic Men – Glamcult – Hercules – Le Mile – Men About Town – ODDA Magazine – VOGUE Portugal – Wandler – ZOO Magazine