Xiu Yun Yu
Make-up & Hair




At a very young age Xiu Yun Yu started developing a very strong love for makeup and beauty. Passionate, enthusiast and a true team player are the keywords that would describe her best. Her work has been featured in several paper and online magazines. In her methods it is noticeable that she never limits herself and that she is very conscious of every individual desire. She is known for enhancing the natural beauty and creating while experimenting. 


“We all desire to look flawless and while there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to look the best we can, I think having flaws and imperfections and most importantly, embracing it, makes a person even more beautiful and unique. Beauty can be celebrated in many forms and I find that inspiring.”  With this perspective Xiu Yun aims to make sure that each person that sits in her chair feels at ease and leaves her chair feeling empowered.


Clients include: Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Kinki Kappers, Philips, Unilever, NYX Cosmetics, L’oreal, Vanilia, Arena Benelux Swimwear, Studio.KROEWE, Van Gils, Runner’s World, Fashionchick Girls.


This project is a very personal one for Xiu. Growing up in The Netherlands with East Asian facial features dealing with beauty standards and (casual) racism wasn’t always easy and therefore she started this project. 


The purpose of this project is to inspire people to embrace their monolid eyes and to be proud of their uniqueness. Xiu Yun Yu wants to create awareness among the East Asian community and show them that there is more than the narrow beauty standard. Beauty comes in all forms and luckily these standards, in the West, have changed over the years and diversity is embraced. much more. “However, Xiu Yun Yu says, there is still a lack of Asian representation in European countries and America. Asians are still being stereotyped and I see it as my mission to change that.” Asian representation matters and acceptance is important for the Asian community in the West.