Jaap Strijker




Jaap is an Amsterdam-based photographer. He started his creative career as a professionally trained dancer in the theatre and television productions. Besides dancing, Jaap has been working as a nationally and internationally model for over 15 years. While working as a model he discovered his love for photography and fashion.
This allows him to interact and connect in a more complex way with the models he shoots. Which can be seen in his images. His work vividly expresses real emotions, beautiful shapes, great colors and well composed images.
Clients include: Airforce – Ace & Tate – Clan de Banlieue – Elle magazine NL – Elle magazine Kroatië – Glynit – Yumiko – Wahts – Vogue magazine Tsjechië – Madame magazine – Monsieur magazine – Schön magazine – Jane Lushka – Royal republiq – Glamour magazine – Grazia magazine – Cosmopolitan magazine – Pure white