Jasper Rens van Es




Jasper Rens van Es (1990) graduated in 2014 at the academy of fine arts in Rotterdam. During this time he moved to London for 6 months for an internship, where he found inspiration in the London scene. In 2018 he joined Eric Elenbaas Agency to start a new adventure. He is known for being sociable, ambitious and always going for the next step.


His inspiration comes from youth culture and he is fascinated by the scene of cinematography. He always keeps an eye out for his favorite directors like Gus van Sant, Xavier Dolan and his all time hero Bernardo Bertolucci.


Clients include: Zalando – ASOS – American Apparel – C&A – Filling Pieces – Levi’s – Heineken – Denham – Glamour Netherlands – Glamour Spain – Vogue Netherlands – Vogue Man – Esquire China – Sabato BE – Glamcult